Integrated Solution. Plan, build, operate with one tool.

BIM 5D and CAFM. Plan, build and operate. Facility management and maintenance. Building life cycle. An Integrated solution for controlling every real estate portfolio. The keywords are numerous, the questions are the same:

How will planning, building and operating work together? How do they become a unit?

The answer is simple: Modern building management demands a powerful and flexible management tool.
Modern building management needs a tool like iTWO fm by RIB IMS.

iTWO fm is the facility management module in iTWO, the platform for RIB's real estate software. This provides a variety of components that optimally accompany the building life cycle in every aspect. The software platform is fully networked and easy to use. The iTWO platform is now supplemented by a dedicated solution for FM.

The Future of the Building Industry

iTWO can do even more: the exemplary, versatile platform for building management software also accompanies users in facility management. With iTWO fm, a powerful and versatile tool is available for all processes in facility management. iTWO fm is integrated within the iTWO platform and interacts with other teams and project participants. This ensures that your facility management is future-proof.

iTWO fm - Extension MTWO Cloud - Facility Management Software

Building Lifecycle with iTWO fm

To accompany a building on the software side throughout its entire life cycle is a complex task. iTWO makes it easy to manage and retrieve the relevant data in the various phases.

The MTWO platform provides the necessary data all the time. In the planning process with BIM, all relevant basic data can be quickly and easily transferred to the CAFM for the later operating phase. Cooperatively data from CAFM, is made available to all other areas and can therefore be used consistently.

The option to integrate different data formats and to implement variable data models creates suitable solutions for various challenges of lifecycle management. So it is you, who decides from which side to begin - either planning or operations, each tool will access the other. Furthermore, the software works for you. Reliable. Every time.


Life Cycle iTWO fm

integration of iTWO fm into MTWO Platform

With the new iTWO fm, you can expand iTWO 5D by the important area of Facility Management: iTWO fm closes this gap between planning and operation. iTWO is thus the perfect tool for real estate lifecycle management. Thanks to the comprehensive integration, you can transfer your existing CAD data along with all alphanumeric data from construction, planning and accounting directly from the construction phase to operation. It is pretty easy to start with professional FM.

The master data from the platform form the basis for using iTWO fm To manage your real estate, buildings and facilities permanently and safely. Maintenance, cleaning, key management, smart maintenance, IoT, operator responsibility - with iTWO fm map all facility management processes in a certified manner. And when new work is coming up, use the possibilities of e-Procurement in the cloud.

Expand your iTWO platform with the central component of the digital building operation. Trust on iTWO fm.

Integration iTWO fm into MTWO Cloud

Solutions for Operation & Maintenance

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